Intel Announces Developing First Prototype of 14th Gen Meteor Lake Processor

Intel reported that the first prototype of its 14th generation consumer-oriented products, the Meteor Lake processor, has been developed. Supported by Foveros, Meteor Lake’s chip-to-chip interaction is expected to be much better and faster.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently announced the development of the first prototype of the Meteor Lake processor  , the new member of the 14th generation Core series, the first consumer-oriented product to use the Intel 4 node . 

Gelsinger to investors He stated that he is very happy to announce that Intel 7 , Intel 4 , Intel 3 , Intel 20A and Intel 18A are far ahead of the timelines that the company set in July. 

Gelsinger claims Meteor Lake is one of the best product initiatives of recent times


“It emerged and strengthened perfectly in just 30 minutes, with exceptional performance, just as we expected,” Gelsinger said of Meteor Lake , all of which claimed that the new product is one of the best leading product initiatives to emerge in recent times . 

Meteor Lake is predicted to be a pretty big development in the consumer space . Intel first announced Meteor Lake last July; this calculation , I / O and GPU components on separate chips, or as they say its ’tile to’ He said it would be separating the first series. 

AMD and Intel were already leveraging chip technology in their CPUs , reducing performance compared to chipless designs with the same number of cores . However, Intel wants to alleviate this situation in Meteor Lake by using  Foveros , which uses an active agent to improve communication between chips . 

Expected to be released in 2023

Intel Meteor Lake

Meteor Lake, which targets the 5-125 W range in particular ;  It can be used on both laptop and desktop processors. Meteor Lake will also be integrated into Xe GPUs with 96 to 192 EUs, making it comparable to existing entry-level and mid-range discrete GPUs. RELATED NEWS

But before Meteor  Lake, Alder Lake and  Raptor Lake need to come out. While Alder Lake is expected to be released soon; 2022 is expected for Raptor Lake, about which not much is known . Meteor Lake is thought to come after these two, in 2023 . 


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