ASUS Introduces New Gaming Hardware That Will Conquer Gamer’s Hearts: Here Are All The Products Introduced

ASUS, one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to gaming equipment, introduced its new hardware and equipment at its live event this evening. The equipment introduced by the company was in the form of new motherboard and power supply series, monitors and headphones.

ASUS, one of the most popular names in computer hardware worldwide, introduced new player equipment and hardware at the ASUS ROG Break All Limits event this evening . At the event, which was followed closely by computer enthusiasts, we saw ASUS’ new ROG motherboard series, power supply, headset, player monitors.

ASUS’ new motherboard has managed to attract attention with its new features and magnificent design that it offers to computer users. The power supply came to the fore with its vital new feature, the headset with a nice detail, and the gaming monitors with its functionality. Let’s take a closer look at all the products introduced this evening .

Next-generation ASUS ROG Z690 motherboard series:

asus z690

Included in the Intel Z690 series, the new ASUS ROG Z690 motherboard brings brand new features to gamers and anyone who needs high performance. The motherboard will support Intel’s new 12th generation processors (processors with up to 16 cores and 24 threads). In addition, new generation DDR5 memory support and PCIe 5.0 devices will also be supported .

ASUS ROG Z690 will also host a brand new overclocking technology for those who want to use their hardware at the highest level. This new technology, called ASUS Enhanced Memory Profile (AEMP), will allow it to exceed the 1.1 volt maximum that DDR5 is limited as standard. ASUS has worked with DDR5 manufacturers such as Kingston, Crucial, Corsair, Adata and G.SKILL on this issue. 

asus z690

If we move on to the design of the motherboard, we have a very stylish and colorful graphics card in front of us. The motherboard features an AniMe Matrix display with programmable mini RGB LEDs . Users will be able to benefit from features such as animations, lighting and live sound visualization on this screen.

While Windows 11 has also debuted, ASUS Z690 series will naturally come with Windows 11 support . The motherboard series will be available with prices starting at $189.99 . The highest-spec model, the ROG Maximus Z690 Hero, will retail for $599.99 .

The new power supply series that will be the heart of the computer: ASUS ROG Thor

asus thor

The second product line introduced at the event was brand new power supplies. The new generation ASUS ROG Thor series power supplies came with three different models. These models were 1000W Platinum, 1200W Platinum II and 1600W Titanium . The first detail that ASUS conveyed with the new generation power supplies was the knowledge that ‘ we want to produce the quietest power supply for modern systems ‘.

One of the biggest features brought by the power supplies was the ability to prevent sudden shutdowns that occur when the hardware reaches a momentary peak power consumption. The new power supplies are designed to handle 150% of their promised power. In addition, the PCIe 5.0 port has also been added to the power supplies.

The power supplies continue to carry the traces of the previous generation power supplies in terms of design. The power supplies come with Aura Sync and OLED display, as in the previous series.

New headphones: ROG Delta S Animate

asus ROG Delta S Animate

Having previously achieved success with Delta S gaming headsets, ASUS is now launching the same headset with a different design. The new headphones include LED displays on their earcups. The LED screen has  customizable animations and animation modes . The headset offers Hi-Fi grade Quad DAC support. The new headphones will be released in selected countries before the end of this year.RELATED NEWS

New gaming monitors in sizes that appeal to everyone:

ROG Delta S Animate

ASUS introduced 27-inch ASUS ROG Strix XG276Q, 29.5-inch ROG Strix X309CM, and 24.5- and 23.8-inch monitors at the event.

The 27-inch XG276Q manages to enchant the eyes from the very beginning with its stylish design. The monitor, which comes with a built-in tripod socket, will provide a great convenience especially to broadcasters. The monitor will have 1920×1080 resolution and an IPS panel. The screen refresh rate and response time, which affect the performance of the players, are 165 Hz and 1 ms , respectively .

ROG Delta S Animate

Our second monitor was the 29.5-inch widescreen ASUS ROG Strix XGG309CM. The monitor, which can be easily connected to devices with a Type-C connection, also includes a tripod socket. The monitor has a 2560×1080 resolution, Fast IPS monitor, 200 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time.


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