ASUS Introduces New Gaming Hardware That Will Conquer Gamer’s Hearts: Here Are All The Products Introduced

ASUS, one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to gaming equipment, introduced its new hardware and equipment at its live event this evening. The equipment introduced by the company was in the form of new motherboard and power supply series, monitors and headphones.

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Windows 10 and Windows 11 Performance Tested: The Results Are Surprising

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11, was officially launched this month. While most computers continue to use Windows 10, performance tests between the two operating systems can affect the speed of transition to Windows 11.

Windows 11, the new operating system of Windows, has been creating question marks in the minds of technology enthusiasts for a while. Windows 11 was officially released to users on October 5th. So, what are the differences of the new operating system from Windows 10? Let’s take a closer look at these performance differences.

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Zucchini Bake

A low-carb, super-cheesy zucchini bake recipe that’ll make anyone fall in love with the best (certainly the biggest) of all late-summer veggies.

The Super Easy, Cheesy Zucchini Recipe You’ve Been Looking For

Around this time of year—back-to-school looms, a hint of autumn chill in the air—the surest sign that summer hasn’t quite left us yet is the sight of giant, sun-drenched zucchini lolling around in every raised bed in the neighborhood. They’re at their absolute peak and you’ll feel guilty if you don’t use them, right? But zucchini isn’t always the simplest veggie to use up. There’s the perpetual issue—how do you make zucchini not soggy? Particularly if you’re working with a super large zucchini? Well, we’ve got a boatload of zucchini recipes (none of which result in soggy zucchini) and today we’re adding one more to the mix—this gloriously cheesy zucchini bake! Loaded with two kinds of cheese and crowned with a buttery, crispy topping, it’s a low-carb zucchini recipe that’s impossible not to love.

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Beef Birria Tacos

Loaded with juicy, chile-spiced and succulent beef birria, this easy beef birria taco recipe is a real keeper.

Put Your Homemade Beef Birria to Use and Make the Best Birria Tacos Ever!

Birria tacos are arguably the internet’s favorite taco right now, and while the internet can have questionable judgement sometimes, in the case of birria it is SPOT ON. This easy birria tacos recipe yields something so incredibly juicy, so beefy, so simple and so delicious that they’re impossible not to love. Once you’ve mastered the art of making beef birria at home—it’s pretty simple, it just takes a while!—birria tacos are within reach most any time you get the hankering.

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