New Macbook Pro Doesn’t Support Face ID Despite It Comes With A Giant Notch: OK But Why?

Apple has made a serious design change in the new MacBook Pro. The most striking aspect of this design change was that it had a notch on the screen. However, the camera in this notch does not support Face ID. So why?

US-based technology giant Apple, which yesterday carried out activities in a new laptop, the MacBook Pro ‘yun announced . This year’s model came with some design features, in addition to the processor-induced performance improvement. For example, the 2021 MacBook Pro does not have a touch bar. There is also a notch in this design. However, this notch  attracted attention by not supporting Face ID technology .

Apple has placed the notch of the new MacBook Pro in the upper middle part of the screen. This did not surprise anyone. In this way, the company has narrowed the bezels and increased the screen / body ratio of the MacBook Pro a little more. However, interestingly, users will not be able to see this section while using an application in full screen. Because the new laptop will dim this section, making it look like it doesn’t have a notch . Frankly, Apple doesn’t seem to have done much of a logical job.

Here’s what Apple’s notched design looks like

MacBook Pro

The 2021 MacBook Pro, which is the world’s best laptop according to Apple, is indeed narrow in terms of bezels . It seems that Apple made such a choice because it could not make the camera sensor smaller. So in that case, why didn’t Apple opt for Face ID? We can say that there are several reasons for this .RELATED NEWS

This is how users will see the notched area in full-screen apps

MacBook Pro

Apple did not give an explanation as to why it did not use Face ID. However, it is known by everyone that Face ID is a very expensive system. Also, Face ID doesn’t work perfectly perfectly even on iPhones Consumers, when a smart phone can hold their faces even though they are closely laptop issues, such as much as possible not .

Therefore, Apple did not include Face ID on the MacBook Pro, despite the notched design, both to avoid costs and because there is too much distance between users and MacBook Pro to allow Face ID to work properly.


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